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Revenuency is a revenue generation organization specializing in the Business 2 Business (B2B) segment for major accounts in multiple industry sectors.

Revenuency helps businesses and creates a medium that helps businesses to connect with their potential customers from various segments.

Revenuency also helps businesses with insights on the targeted companies to make their sales process smoother and increase the overall deal closing rate.

Revenuency collaborates with both Marketing and Sales teams of businesses and creates a channel that helps businesses build great connections with industry thought leaders and nurture them further.

Revenuency helps global B2B businesses from all 3 segments such as Small, Medium & Large businesses with the Marketing & Sales consulting and also provide the training if required.

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Meeting generation backed by company research report

We deliver B2B lead generation prospecting & appointment setting. Our team works in collaboration with client leaderships & their team to generate well-qualified business meetings suits as per the TG. The meetings generated are backed by business research insights that help clients to focus on key areas, prospects' weaknesses, or similar during the sales call so that the probability of sales closure is higher.

Business Consulting and Strategic Business-Marketing Plans

We work with client companies to understand their current business processes, marketing processes and come up with the relevant and required strategies to be applied for scaling up the sales and business operations. We create the business plans as per the TG having targeted Goals & KPIs and focusing on achieving these for successful growth for client companies.

Reference Sales

We believe that having business references and business connections is the key to generating more businesses. We have built our network in which we keep adding innovative & creative product and services organizations from various industries and provide references to relevant organizations whenever any requirement or need arises for any organization.

Content Writing

We believe that content is a key element of any marketing or sales strategy. We deliver quality content for the Website, Landing page, LinkedIn posts, Blog posts, and even for Personalised Emails in alignment with each other to drive a better conversion rate and brand awareness.

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